What is the Cure For Sleep Apnea That Suits Me?


Trying to find the best cure for sleep apnea is a normal attempt for those who suffer. There isn’t only one cure for sleep apnea that could be recommended to everyone. As you probably know, each case is different and requires a specific solution. cpap machine

Depending on what is causing the sleeping apnea (SA) and how severe it is, some of the cures can be very simple and can be done quickly. Starting with the simplest cure for SA, one that can be used immediately with no cost, would be to stop smoking. Yes, it seems trivial, but in some cases it works.

And the reason is that the upper airways will have more ability to allow air to pass. Smoking causes swelling in the upper airways which causes apnea. That is why many people find that they no longer have a problem with apnea when they quit smoking.

Another simple cure for sleeping apnea is to eliminate sleeping pills and alcohol from before bedtime activities or habits will greatly assist with reducing apnea. Many people suffer from blocked airways when they are in a drug induced sleep.

If you eliminate sleeping pills and alcohol before bedtime that will greatly help you to reduce apnea. Many people suffer from blocked airways when they are in a drug induced sleep.

Changing the type of pillow that one uses is often the first, and easiest, cure for SA. Often, when a person sleeps on a soft pillow and is on their back when they sleep, their throat will constrict and cut off air. By using a foam contour pillow made for apnea one will find that this issue is resolved.

Getting 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night is also a cure for sleeping apnea that is often the easiest to try. By going to sleep at the same time and getting the proper rest, a person often can avoid the conditions that constrict the trachea.

There are many products available to widen the nasal passages while one is sleeping. These provide a way to decrease sleep apnea and snoring. Other cures for this sleeping disorder can be more complex and involve the need for surgery.

When suffering from sleep apnea it is important to seek the advice of a physician. There are some causes of sleep apnea that are serious and need medical intervention. The physician will discuss options and sleep apnea cures that will be most helpful for the specific type of sleep apnea that a person has

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