Using Human Resource Job Boards


While using online job boards can be a great way for employers and potential employees to connect, it is true that there are some not so desirable things about these boards. This article will take a look into some of those and how to go about fixing them, so that everyone can have a more positive experience with these boards. remote careers

Perhaps one of the most annoying things job seekers report when using job boards is the amount of spam or fake ads that are posted. Often times, “employers” will post an ad and when a job seeker responds to it, he or she will immediately be sent back either SPAM or links to follow that are quickly revealed to indicate a scam. Sadly, however, not everyone is able to spot scams as quickly as others, and some will give out their personal information to all the wrong people. A good rule of thumb for job seekers is to never pay any kind of money upfront to secure a job or to apply for it, to never join any website in order to fill out an application, and most importantly, never to input credit card or debit card information for anything.

A second job board annoyance is one for employers. Employers hate receiving emails from job seekers who are simply not qualified for the job or who do not include all the necessary information asked for, such as resumes, cover letters, and salary requirements. Employers can help to limit the number of these applicants by stating in the ad that they will not respond to or will automatically delete any emails not containing the necessary information. Employers should also be sure to take their time in listing what the job is, what experience is required, and what education is required. Potential employees should, of course, carefully read through all of this information and should not waste time by applying to jobs they are not qualified for.

Thirdly, job seekers often find it bothersome when potential employers do not list the name of the company they are hiring for in the advertisement. Employers should be aware that doing this often causes individuals to assume that the ad is a scam and thus not respond to it, and applicants should be aware that some business owners do this to avoid having a large number of drop ins or to keep the fact that they are looking for someone new from a current employee. Basically, this is one annoyance that can be solved by a little understanding on the part of both parties. Employers will need to give a great deal of extra information about the company and perhaps include a phone number, while potential applicants will need to give those ads without addresses or company names a fair shot before writing them off.

The fourth and fifth most common “hates” about job boards are related. Many applicants will find that the ads they respond to have embellished the amount of the salary, while many employers hate having to embellish the salary offered in order to get people to respond. Here, the simple answer is just for employers to be honest. While some jobs are low paying or commission based, there are individuals who would be willing to do them. However, the only way to find those individuals is to be honest in the advertisement. In fact, honesty and openness on the part of both the job seekers and the employers makes a world of difference when it comes to having job boards be a positive experience.


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