Types of Credit Card Merchant Accounts


To achieve success in the e-commerce market it is important that your business accepts credit card payment and if possible, also provides various other payment processing services. This will help increase your sales as you would ultimately get more customers, for people prefer those businesses who accept online payments. In order to accept the various payments, an internet merchant account is absolutely necessary. best high risk merchant account provider

An internet merchant account will help you not just in increasing your sales but you also earn larger profits. Most people avoid internet merchant accounts due to their mere high fee. There are various internet merchant account providers out there who are willing to provide you with a free merchant account and save you a whole a lot of money. Some of these will refer you to a third-party merchant account for their free internet merchant account services.

Whether you are a retail store owner or own a high risk business, owning a free merchant account is suppose to end all the unnecessary hassle and provide you with vast opportunities. The free merchant accounts are marketed on the basis that your online business will gain huge profits once you get a free merchant account with a third party company and will save you time and money.

Free merchant accounts proclaim to provide you with processing software that will not cost you a dime. You get secure servers and there is absolutely no transaction, customer service or gateway fee. You have to pay a very small transaction fee and there is no credit check on your free merchant account. Some free merchant accounts also start accepting online payments within a few minutes.

Behind the free merchant accounts – there is a catch!

The internet merchant account providers who boost about free merchant accounts actually do charge. No company will offer you a free merchant accounts. The initial setup might be free but they will charge you a higher fee for card processing and transactions as compared to a proper internet merchant account that you can get with a reliable internet merchant account provider. Some processors can also withhold up to 10% of your profits for future returns when you use a free merchant account. Free merchant accounts also expect you to pay more money per sale and high volume sales lead to your account deactivation.

It is therefore better to own an internet merchant account for your online business, depending on the kind of business you have. An internet merchant account makes your life a lot easier than a free merchant account. You would not have to worry about your internet merchant account being closed down due to high volume sales and will provide you hassle free solutions. They can actually help boost your sales and expand your business worldwide. For a minimal fee you become capable of multiplying your profits. No more paying annoying amounts to processors or worrying over spending extra money for transactions. So getting your own internet merchant account is way better than getting a ‘so-called’ free one and ending up paying more in the end

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