How to Incorporate Poster Advertising Into Wider Advertising Campaigns


With the current renewal of interest in all forms of Out Of Home advertising, the large format poster is now a rising star. Public perception has changed and this is now used as an effective method of helping to build a brand. It isn’t hard to see why.

Poster advertising benefits location owners and advertisers alike in being able to engage large numbers of customers for relatively low cost. It also extends the scope and effectiveness of marketing messages to influence target audiences that are normally harder to reach. Outdoor sign holders

Large outdoor poster advertising is becoming more innovative, larger and more creative. As technology continues to develop, interactive campaigns will boost the medium to new levels, making it an indispensable element of any integrated marketing strategy.

Integration Into Wider Campaigns

A growing number of brands are now choosing to integrate poster advertising into their wider marketing campaigns. The synergy created by combining large outdoor posters with press, TV and radio advertising reinforces the marketing message and increases campaign awareness among the general public to unprecedented levels.

As the digital market continues to gain importance and become the dominant force in today’s marketing world, some companies have sought to combine this with more traditional forms of publicity. Large eye-catching posters displaying a website or number to call for more information provide a call-to-action for consumers. This ensures true follow-through for advertisers and offers consumer a further opportunity for engagement with the brand.

Case Study

HTC’s recent ‘Exceptional’ campaign is a perfect example of the way poster advertising has been successfully combined with other promotional methods, both online and offline, to¬†build a brand. It demonstrates the power of Giant Posters and how effective they can be when used as part of a larger integrated campaign.

In order to mark the launch of the HTC One mobile phone in the UK, HTC launched an online competition to find seven different banner designs that were to be installed onto blowUP media’s Giant Posters in some of the UK’s biggest urban centres.

The Giant Poster campaign provided an outstanding platform for many of the UK’s young creatives to have their work displayed on one of the largest possible advertising formats. It was rolled out in seven cities in the UK across sites that tally over 2500sqm in size – more than 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

This method of banner advertising, combined with the interactive element of the campaign, made it a huge hit with the public and industry leaders. It has been estimated that HTC’s giant posters were seen by over 7,796,184 people.

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