Camping on the Beach – Heaven Or Hell?


Camping on the beach can be one of the most incredible experiences of your outdoor life. Waking up every morning and going to sleep every night with the sound of the waves and the magic of a front row view of sunrise and sunset can be an experience you will remember for a lifetime. But beach camping can mean intense exposure to the elements and could possibly become very unpleasant if the weather turns bad. So be prepared for every possibility and you will surely have the time of your life!

The beach has certain elements that come with the territory, namely wind, salt, and sand. Rain is common to every outdoor experience so we’ll assume that you are already ready for rain. If you are camping in the tropics be ready for noise from roosters, hens and dogs. Here is some advice on how to make beach camping relaxing and fun.


Wind could be a nice breeze but it can also develop into a gale or even worse a hurricane. If you are going to be camping during hurricane season be aware of hurricane procedures in the county or country that you are visiting. Are there evacuation plans in place for your beachfront campground?

So, say it’s not a hurricane but more like constant on shore winds that make it difficult to light a fire or keep your camp stove going. First and foremost have some extra tarps and rope so that you can construct your own windbreak. Second, make sure to bring rain gear that also works as wind gear, i.e. Jacket and pants, because no matter how heavy is your sweatshirt or sweater, the wind will find its way in and make you miserable.  Revdanda Beach Camping

Finally make sure that your tent is in good condition with no rips, and that you have all the stakes you need to keep it in place while the wind is blowing. If you plan to use a pop up canopy as a shelter for your picnic table and campfire area, choose one that has a vented canopy top and make sure to attach some kind of weights to keep it from sailing away. Having optional side panels for your canopy can also help to make cooking and eating your meals endurable, even calm!


Salt spray from the ocean can be corrosive. It will cause parts of your body, especially your nostrils, to become chafed and sore. Rinse your face often with fresh water and breath in some of the fresh water through your nose to keep the salt from getting too concentrated.

Shower or rinse off often and especially before bed to keep your bedding from getting salty. Consider setting up camp behind a barrier of brush and shrubs. This natural barrier will absorb some of that salty spray.


Love that sand! Long walks down the beach with the sand massaging your feet can feel better than a massage or a day at the spa. Lying in the sand, reading, meditating, sunning is one of the reasons many of us love the beach. But, when sand finds it way into everything you wear, eat and sleep in, it can become a nuisance. Practice strict de-sanding procedures whenever you go in or out of your tent. If possible, have your clothing and everyday items in a separate spot from where you sleep. That way, every time you go to get your book, or your toothbrush, or want to change your clothes you aren’t tracking sand into your sleeping area.

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