Night Time Safety With LED Bike Lights


Stay Safe with LED Bike Lights

If you are considering cycling at night time, one of the first steps you will need to take with regards to safety is investing in some LED bike lights. Not only will these keep you visible to other roads users, they will help to illuminate your route ahead. Although you have the help of a light, you should try to stick to brightly lit streets where possible and wearing reflective clothing is advised if you are riding on country lanes. When riding at night you also need to consider the behaviour of drivers. It increases your chance of sharing the road with tired and weary drivers, and even those who are under the influence of alcohol. By having LED bike lights attached to your bike, you are allowing others to see you well in advance, avoiding any unnecessary accidents because of poor sight.

Using Lights and Reflectors

With the amount of LED bike lights available today, you are bound to find one to suit your style of riding. They come in all shapes and forms, from flashing halogen lights to steady and rear tail lights. A front light is of course needed to see where you are going, but they are not always effective in letting drivers know where you are, especially if you are riding away from the traffic. Rear lights are therefore also needed to maximise your visibility from behind. If you want to enhance this further, investing in a reflective vest or even some stickers for your clothes can be useful. Armbands and bright coloured gloves can also be extremely effective in darkness alongside the use of LED bike lights. If you’re riding off road, a helmet light can be effective as it will follow the way you choose to look; just make sure it is light enough to be comfortable and secure. automotive led driver

Ride Carefully with LED Bike Lights

When you are riding in the dark, always travel in the same direction of traffic and keep a yard away from parked cars and the curb. Remember that bikes tend to blend into the surroundings in darkness, so by having an LED light and reflective clothing, you are able to stand out significantly. Even with the use of a light, assume that you are hard to see, take your time and ride carefully. When turning and maneuvering, use hand signals and acknowledge any courtesy from drivers. With the correct cycling equipment and bike lights, you can enjoy a smooth and safe journey through the darkest of hours.


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