Mac Data Recovery – Ridiculously Easy Data Recovery Tool for Mac


Being a new Mac user, I became almost hopeless when I accidentally formatted my Mac Drive. Mac Data Recovery for me was a cumbersome process that required either a lot of technical expertise or a lot of money. There was enough data in my system and getting them back was my first priority. I searched the internet and found many Mac Data recovery tools. Some were highly technical while others were quite expensive. My technical expertise is somewhat limited to windows only therefore I did not want to run the risk of messing up with my Mac System.

It was then that I decided to go for a trial version of one of the best Mac file Recovery tools that seemed to be highly efficient and user friendly. As the download version was free, I decided to give it a try. When I recovered my lost data in 3 easy steps, my perception about data recovery changed and I decided to share my experience through this article.

How this Mac file Recovery software worked.

As I had formatted the drive accidentally, I started the data recovery process with an extra hard drive to save the recovered files. As soon as I launched the utility and selected the scan volume method, it scanned the hard drive and a few folders were displayed. It took some time but on performing a detailed search all the data on the drive were displayed in a familiar OS X folder structure. Once I started to recover files from the folders, it worked equally well for this round of recovery process also.

It goes without saying that Scanning the whole drive takes some time no matter what operating system or data recovery tool you are using. The same is true for Stellar Phoenix hard drive recovery experts. However, what makes it an easy utility is its highly user friendly interface that requires just a few clicks and you get back your lost data. It arranges the recovery process in such a way that even a technical novice can understand what exactly is being recovered.

I believe recovering lost files from your Mac system cannot be easier than the above mentioned process. Though it seems to be somewhat costlier than other products with similar capacities, its advanced options and abilities to recover data without much interference justify its price. The Demo version gives you a preview of all the recoverable files therefore you actually view what files are recoverable form your lost data.


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