Essential Steps in Writing a Personal Essay


A personal essay, even if it is just an academic requirement, can be a powerful form of literature. As it describes an individual’s experiences, you might find it easy to compose one as it can be compared to just narrating a story in your life.

However, teachers maintain standards in quality and look for key elements when examining the students’ personal essays. Some factors that your teacher might be searching for in your essay include proficiency with the English language, organization of thoughts, and manner of composition. pay for essay reddit 

Impress your teacher and achieve a remarkable grade by learning about these techniques in writing a personal essay.

1. Write the Essay According to Each Part

Even a simple essay is composed of three parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Your whole essay might depend on the first sentence of your introduction. It should catch the reader’s attention effectively while at the same time give an idea on what the essay is about. This central idea, which encompasses the whole essay, is called the thesis statement. You may choose to place it later in the introduction rather than at the first sentence. This sentence, along with the whole introduction, should engage readers or they would lose interest in reading till the end.

Indicate a transition when you proceed to the essay’s body, which follows the introduction. The body comprises of several paragraphs that provide more detail about the topic of your essay. It may reiterate important points that you mentioned in the introduction. As the body is the longest among the three parts of an essay, creating an outline helps you organize ideas in a logical way.

The conclusion, or the final part of your personal essay, generally takes the form of a single paragraph. It often summarizes the important points discussed before. You may also express a personal opinion, a series of insights, or an epiphany in your conclusion.

Remember to check if your conclusion correlates with your introduction.

2. Pay Attention to Word Use, Grammar, and Voice

You might think that writing a personal essay does not seem much of a challenge. Always keep in mind that essay writing goes beyond the basic rules of grammar.

For instance, using words accurately can be crucial to your personal essay. Browse through synonyms to find the best word for describing a location or a person. Regarding grammar, you should always check your tenses for consistency. Prefer writing your essay in an active voice, although you might need to use the passive voice occasionally. The active voice allows a reader to immerse into the essay rather than just comprehend descriptions that are simply narrated.

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